Google Talk

Got some emails today from friends inviting me to use Google Talk. As I fortunately do not have to use Windows at home or at work (or rather have chosen not to waste time with it, life is too short), I cannot yet use Google’s client.

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Haloscan: good idea, but unreliable

Some people had contacted me complaining that sometimes my site was not available, and when I checked it usually was because the required code from Haloscan was not loading (usually because Haloscan was down). So after a good number of these events happened, I lost patience and removed all traces of Haloscan code (even an unreleased Halotrack mambot I wrote).

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Mambo = smooth upgrades (so far)

While looking at some misbehaving Mambo module I was using (it was the scrolling newsfeed if you need to know), I noticed there was a new patch for the version I got installed here.

So, as recommended, I made a backup of the site files, unzip’ed the patch, and checked if all was OK. And indeed, all seems to be OK.

Another smooth update. You got to love that.