Google Talk


Got some emails today from friends inviting me to use Google Talk. As I fortunately do not have to use Windows at home or at work (or rather have chosen not to waste time with it, life is too short), I cannot yet use Google’s client.

But all is not lost. Because the service uses the Jabber protocol (XMPP), and because Google has a “Developer’s FAQ” that spells out the details, it was relatively easy to configure my favourite IM client (Fire), for Mac OS X to connect to the server1.

In principle, any client will do for IM, as long as it supports secure connections to a Jabber-protocol server. Hopefully, some third party clients will include in the near future the capability of doing VOIP (like Google’s client does) once the details of the protocol/API are released.

  1. 2005-06-07: I’ve since started using AdiumX for Mac OS X, and found it a better IM client in several respects, I still keep Fire around, but don’t use it much. [return]