Haloscan: good idea, but unreliable


Some people had contacted me complaining that sometimes my site was not available, and when I checked it usually was because the required code from Haloscan was not loading (usually because Haloscan was down). So after a good number of these events happened, I lost patience and removed all traces of Haloscan code (even an unreleased Halotrack mambot I wrote).

Bottomline: even though I like the remote trackbak idea from the Haloscan people, the unreliability of their delivered code (some JS file), makes it not worth the time right now. Perhaps I should be a tad less lazy and code something based on PEAR::Services_Trackback, as a mambot/component mixture, or look at the code in Wordpress or some other such blog system. But this is not on the top of my queue at the moment.