No longer maintained/supported. Kept for historical reference

  • Created on: 1997/12/20
  • Last updated on: 1998/01/13
  • Version: 1.0
  • License: GPL
  • 1997-2004 Jesus M. Castagnetto (jmcastagnetto at php dot net)

Here is a collection of awk scripts which allow the translation of REFER or Uncover/Reveal references lists to and from CSV.

You can use the scripts to transfer your references into the database manager for PalmPilots: JFile (using jconv included in their distribution).

I’ve chosed the REFER format as output because is understood by EndNote Plus, and most of the reference managers I had encountered.

For more info, read the “0readme.txt” file in the .zip file.

Update (1998): Fixed some typos in the .ifo file and the pop-up menus of the sample databases, and standarized the way the output separators were used in the scripts.

Download: p-refer.zip