Awk quick reference


No longer maintained/supported. Kept for historical reference

  • Created on: 1998/01/06
  • Last updated on: 1998/05/22
  • Version: 1.0
  • License: GPL
  • 1998-2004 Jesus M. Castagnetto (jmcastagnetto at php dot net)

I wrote this quick reference based on the Unix man page and the book “The AWK Programming Language” by Aho, Kernighan and Weinberger. It is barebones and contains the main syntaxis for awk, predefined variables, etc. In the future I will make a more extensive guide available (based on the GNU awk documentation), as soon as I get the permission from the author. Until then, get my Awk Quick Reference.

The zip file contains a Doc formatted version, and a 2 part text (in separate files) formatted for Memopad. To load the latter ones, open them with you favorite text editor and copy and paste onto new memo entries.

Update: Typos and CR/LF problems in the DOC file fixed.

Note: I never heard back from the original writer of the Gnu Awk manual.