Dictionary Client class


No longer maintained/supported. Kept for historical reference

  • Created on: 2000/06/05
  • Last updated on: 2000/06/07
  • Version: 1.0
  • License: GPL
  • 2000-2004 Jesus M. Castagnetto (jmcastagnetto at php dot net)

(Note: This is a very old class I wrote back in mid-2000, and is no longer maintained.)

A base class and 2 derived classes (file: pkg.dict.php) to generate clients for dictionary servers that follow the DICT protocol (RFC 2229), such as the server at dict.org

Included also 2 example of query interfaces generated using this classes, one performs a simple search (simplesearch.php), and the other shows how to get information from the dictionary server and use that to generate a form allowing for more complex searches (extendedsearch.php).

Revision history:

  • [UPDATE: 2000/06/05] Fixed some bugs reported by Davor Cengija (davor at croart dot com) and found another bug related to URLs referred in the definition that are also marked as crossrefence terms
  • [UPDATE: 2000/06/06] Check for duplicates when creating the links, and modified the external URLs regex to recognize more protocols, as well as eliminate crossrefences to RFC’s
  • [UPDATE: 2000/06/07] Fixed the missing </form> tag in the examples, thanks to Stoyan Jekov (jekov at cig dot nml dot mot dot com) for finding the omission.

Download: zip file with the dictionary client class