From Pelican to Hugo


After some time using Pelican to keep up my site (not that I have doing that often enough), it started to get more complicated to get all the dependencies and plugins in line, in particular some minor tweaks I’ve done that broke some of my site builds – Long story short, I moved to Hugo.

Hugo is written in Go, and they do have some precompiled binaries for some platforms (I am using Ubuntu at home). Initially I planned on putting it on Github, but later decided to replace the one I got on Dreamhost, and little by little start moving the posts from Pelican to Hugo, fixing some of the typos and Markdown along the way.

With Hugo it’s been simple to get things going, I even managed to put a version on AWS S3 with a Cloudflare frontend, so if you visit, you will see a copy of this site.

So far, it works as expected, and the best thing is that I do not need to keep track of versions of plugins that might be incompatible.

I am happy with my new setup.