Migrating from Remository to Docman


Just finished migrating the almost 70 odd documents, scripts, etc. I got here for people to download and enjoy. I was using Remository, but there are several small things that I did no like about that component but could live with.

But this little bit in the Remository site1

… Many new capabilities will be added to Remository, but the critical change with 3.40 will be to hold most of the file repository in the database…

just convinced me to move away from that component. IMHO it is a bad choice to store files in a relational database, unless one is planning on using their content in searches. The other arguments about storing BLOBs in a database (ease of backup, so-called security, etc.) are weak at best and misguided most of the time for a web application (now embedded apps are another story). Just because I have a hammer I won’t start thinking everything is a nail…

And now I have everything in Docman, and I like it better. It is simpler, the interface is sane and clean, and the Doclink bot that integrates with the editor just makes it very simple to add a link to a downloadable item. Much simpler than using Quickdown.