Egosurfing as an archeological tool


Just for the pure fun of it, I decided to put “castagnetto jesus” on Google today, and lo’ and behold! I found an almost forgotten group of pages for an article on metal-ligand complexes I made for one of the first on-line scientific conferences: ECHET96.

The organization and navigation could be better, and the code has some bad bits here and there, but, hey! it was written in 1996 after all. And considering it was written from scratch and by someone with very little sense of color balance (me), it is not that ugly. It could’ve been worse.

Only thing that I regret is not having coded a java applet back then to deal with the 3D structures. I relied on a Netscape plugin, from a Computer Chemistry company. That plugin for Netscape used to work on Windows, Mac OS, and Irix back in those days. Not sure if that plugin is still available and for what platforms.